Source code for sbws.core.generate

import logging
import os
from argparse import ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter
from math import ceil

from sbws.globals import (
from sbws.lib import destination
from sbws.lib.resultdump import load_recent_results_in_datadir
from sbws.lib.v3bwfile import V3BWFile
from sbws.util.timestamp import now_fname

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def gen_parser(sub): d = ( "Generate a v3bw file based on recent results. A v3bw file is the " "file Tor directory authorities want to read and base their " "bandwidth votes on. " "To avoid inconsistent reads, configure tor with " '"V3BandwidthsFile /path/to/latest.v3bw". ' "(latest.v3bw is an atomically created symlink in the same " "directory as output.) " "If the file is transferred to another host, it should be written to " "a temporary path, then renamed to the V3BandwidthsFile path.\n" "The default scaling method is torflow's one. To use different" "scaling methods or no scaling, see the options." ) p = sub.add_parser( "generate", description=d, formatter_class=ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter, ) p.add_argument( "--output", default=None, type=str, help="If specified, write the v3bw here instead of what is" "specified in the configuration", ) # The reason for --scale-constant defaulting to 7500 is because at one # time, torflow happened to generate output that averaged to 7500 bw units # per relay. We wanted the ability to try to be like torflow. See # p.add_argument( "--scale-constant", default=SBWS_SCALE_CONSTANT, type=int, help="When scaling bw weights, scale them using this const " "multiplied by the number of measured relays", ) p.add_argument( "--scale-sbws", action="store_true", help="If specified, do not use bandwidth values as they " "are, but scale them such that we have a budget of " "scale_constant * num_measured_relays = bandwidth to give " "out, and we do so proportionally", ) p.add_argument( "-t", "--scale-torflow", action="store_true", default=True, help="If specified, scale measurements using torflow's " "method. This option is kept for compatibility with older " "versions and it is silently ignored, since it is the " "default.", ) p.add_argument( "-w", "--raw", action="store_true", help="If specified, do use bandwidth raw measurements " "without any scaling.", ) p.add_argument( "-m", "--torflow-bw-margin", default=TORFLOW_BW_MARGIN, type=float, help="Cap maximum bw when scaling as Torflow. ", ) p.add_argument( "-r", "--round-digs", "--torflow-round-digs", default=PROP276_ROUND_DIG, type=int, help="Number of most significant digits to round bw.", ) p.add_argument( "-p", "--secs-recent", default=None, type=int, help="How many secs in the past are results being " "still considered. Default is {} secs. If not scaling " "as Torflow the default is data_period in the " "configuration.".format(GENERATE_PERIOD), ) p.add_argument( "-a", "--secs-away", default=DAY_SECS, type=int, help="How many secs results have to be away from each " "other.", ) p.add_argument( "-n", "--min-num", default=NUM_MIN_RESULTS, type=int, help="Minimum number of a results to consider them.", ) return p
[docs]def main(args, conf): os.makedirs(conf.getpath("paths", "v3bw_dname"), exist_ok=True) datadir = conf.getpath("paths", "datadir") if not os.path.isdir(datadir): fail_hard("%s does not exist", datadir) if args.scale_constant < 1: fail_hard("--scale-constant must be positive") if args.torflow_bw_margin < 0: fail_hard("toflow-bw-margin must be major than 0.") if args.scale_sbws: scaling_method = SBWS_SCALING elif args.raw: scaling_method = None else: # sbws will scale as torflow until we have a better algorithm for # scaling (#XXX) scaling_method = TORFLOW_SCALING if args.secs_recent: fresh_days = ceil(args.secs_recent / 24 / 60 / 60) elif scaling_method == TORFLOW_SCALING: fresh_days = ceil(GENERATE_PERIOD / 24 / 60 / 60) else: fresh_days = conf.getint("general", "data_period") reset_bw_ipv4_changes = conf.getboolean("general", "reset_bw_ipv4_changes") reset_bw_ipv6_changes = conf.getboolean("general", "reset_bw_ipv6_changes") results = load_recent_results_in_datadir( fresh_days, datadir, on_changed_ipv4=reset_bw_ipv4_changes, on_changed_ipv6=reset_bw_ipv6_changes, ) if len(results) < 1: log.warning( "No recent results, so not generating anything. (Have you " "ran sbws scanner recently?)" ) return state_fpath = conf.getpath("paths", "state_fname") consensus_path = os.path.join( conf.getpath("tor", "datadir"), "cached-consensus" ) # Accept None as scanner_country to be compatible with older versions. scanner_country = conf["scanner"].get("country") destinations_countries = destination.parse_destinations_countries(conf) bw_file = V3BWFile.from_results( results, scanner_country, destinations_countries, state_fpath, args.scale_constant, scaling_method, torflow_cap=args.torflow_bw_margin, round_digs=args.round_digs, secs_recent=args.secs_recent, secs_away=args.secs_away, min_num=args.min_num, consensus_path=consensus_path, ) output = args.output or conf.getpath("paths", "v3bw_fname").format( now_fname() ) bw_file.write(output) bw_file.info_stats