directory authority
a special-purpose relay that maintains a list of currently-running relays and periodically publishes a consensus together with the other directory authorities. [1]
bandwidth authority
A directory authority that runs a scanner and a generator or obtain bandwidth list file s from a generator.
Term to refer to the process that measures the relays’ bandwidth. It is also called generator when it is the same tool that is used to generate bandwidth list file s.
Term to refer to the tool that generates the bandwidth list file s. Often used as a synonym for scanner.
bandwidth list file
The file generated by generator s that is read by the directory authority s and included in their votes. See bandwidth-file-spec.txt to know about the file specification.
sbws scanner
The sbws command used to run sbws as a scanner.
sbws generate
The sbws command used to run sbws as a generator.
v3bw file

The term used by sbws to refer to bandwidth list file v1.1.0.

Listing 5 A v3bw file
node_id=$1BA71540E05D18401B65B553C35DA71992B9E488 bw=6941170 nick=exit2 rtt=20 time=1524107856
node_id=$189442066BEF15F777738E4E063B7BE0285EA0D9 bw=6855121 nick=exit3 rtt=19 time=1524107855
node_id=$076697F1272A92110AB82226699E62C4EFD49766 bw=6810514 nick=relay4 rtt=20 time=1524107855
node_id=$57BD9518CCC40874D969F0784922EF8B89EB9707 bw=6693692 nick=relay7 rtt=20 time=1524107837
node_id=$B5B33BCBC8C779BFE7B319E0CC3EA6E52EA355EA bw=6653275 nick=relay3 rtt=38 time=1524107847
node_id=$514326DD0EA15A41F1E7840C421A06CCCB2E39FA bw=6614808 nick=exit1 rtt=20 time=1524107837
node_id=$4E5FBF937A4C1D4F9211780BF700E70E30004910 bw=6593946 nick=relay1 rtt=19 time=1524107855
node_id=$D17B78F14F66F9F29686B37A78B77F6AC17DCE92 bw=6483024 nick=relay6 rtt=24 time=1524107848
node_id=$883505B618A0F14EE6136F1451CD4F00760C105F bw=6257421 nick=relay5 rtt=20 time=1524107865
node_id=$654E99AF0EAFA05DCD576C8607F15F3B076C53C8 bw=6069373 nick=relay2 rtt=19 time=1524107860
The term used by sbws to refer to a Web server where the scanner request files to perform the bandwidth measurements.